Welcome to shooting on the Dawnay Estates

One of the finest pheasant, partridge and grouse shoots in Yorkshire, still managed in-hand by the Estate.

Grouse Shooting Danby Moors

Grouse Shooting Danby Moors

The Dawnay Estates offers an extensive variety of shooting opportunities across two Estates: driven grouse at the Danby Moors, and partridge and pheasant shooting at Wykekam in North Yorkshire.  The shooting is managed in-hand and is let by the day and overseen by Peter Snaith, headkeeper at Danby, and Matthew Steadman, headkeeper at Wykeham, together with five beat or underkeepers.

On the day a warm welcome is extended to the guns at either of the two Estates.  It is appreciated that good-quality and challenging shooting is the principal attraction, but the enjoyment of the day is enhanced with a high standard of hospitality to include a mid-morning break out in the field and lunch in one of the moorland lunch huts at Danby or the “Old Kitchen” at Wykeham Abbey.

The shooting over the Dawnay Estates can be matched to a whole variety of different demands whether it be one or two days’ fast and furious driven grouse, or a combination of grouse and partridge (on separate days!), or high pheasants over the deep valleys at Bedale, Wykeham, or a more traditional day of mixed partridge and pheasant over the rolling hills and dales surrounding Wykeham Abbey; a wide choice to suit different abilities and pockets.

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